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Lower Back Pain Edmonton

Who and Why Need to go to Chiropractor?

Performance Chiropractic Care has basically divided his patients who need Chiropractor's help into two categories :


Patients who are suffering from permanent injury or chronic condition that cannot get corrected for example disc injuries or arthritis. For these type of patients their treatment objectives are:


  • Minimizing the pain
  • Stabilizing injured or affected areas
  • Keeping you active as much possible
  • Decreasing your requirements for medications
  • Reducing reoccurring pain frequency or duration
  • Reduce or prevent further spine degeneration

Another type of patients who want to healthy and this is the reason that they choose to take chiropractic care regularly or considered as a part of their health care strategy.  For these patients their treatment goals are the following:

  • Preventing from future spinal pain or injury
  • Avoiding spinal degeneration
  • Being as healthy as possible in the future.


Chiropractors strongly believe that ongoing chiropractic therapy will improve overall health outcomes in the future however currently this thing has not proved or there is no evidence to support this concept. Few patients will choose to have ongoing therapy for health improvement, as it is their right to choose anything.


For more information, you may log on to the website of Performance Chiropractic + Sports Rehab i.e. https://www.performancechiro.ca/.